2019-2020 Seniors!

*iT Awards Night TBD

All Awards and certificates will be presented at the iT Awards Night

Recognition of Service for Graduation!

    • Forest Park iT students are required to complete 40 hours for a community service Click on this link to go to Naviance to enter your hours, reflections, documents and photos for verification.
    • Emphasis should be placed on local community projects and school activities. Make sure that you offer evidence of the any community service preformed outside of the school. This evidence should be in the form a letter of recognition from the sponsors and/or a written reflection with sponsor contact details, which should be uploaded to Naviance.  Forms are due at the end of the 3rd quarter and will not be accepted after April 24th 2020 for the class of 2020
    • Note: Project Lead the Way is an elective program open to all of the students at FPHS. iT students in the Computer Science and Networking strands are encouraged to take these classes as electives, if they meet the prerequisites.  Once a student is enrolled in an elective PLTW class and have successfully completed the elective course with an A/B they maybe able to use PLTW classes as their core iT classes the following year if they get approval from both the iT Coordinator and the PLTW instructors (students can only do this in their senior year).

Silver Medal:
Students will receive a SILVER medal if they complete four core iT classes with no grade below a 2.0 (C) in any iT class and have an overall  2.0 GPA. Students must be enrolled in at least one iT core class each year.

Gold Medal:
Students will receive a GOLD medal if they complete six iT courses (or 5 iT core and one STEM AP course) with no grade below a 3.0 (B) in any iT class or designated STEAM AP class and have an 3.0 overall GPA. Students must be enrolled in at least one core iT class each year.

Note: Grades are not weighted in our GPA formula

iT Special Recognition Award:

Note: Seniors must initiate the request for the Special Recognition Award by the end of the 3rd quarter prior to graduation.

**Students must first meet all the Gold Medal Standards and have achieved 3 of the following:

1. Students must hold 1 industry certification.
2. Students must have scored at least a 4 on any STEAM AP Examination
3. Students must have multiple industry certifications from either core or elective iT Classes.
4. Student has competed over 100 hours of verified community service within their iT discipline. (note: not more than 20 hours in any one activity can be counted towards this award unless approved) 

This award given to iT students must have documented evidence in the student’s iT Portfolio.  Please contact Mr. Smith for more details.