Course Description:

Students will expand photography skills using 35mm cameras. Emphasis will be placed on the study of personal expression and development of creativity. Advanced camera problems and darkroom techniques will be studied through a variety of assignments. The history of photography will be offered through the study of major photographers, photographic imagery, the use of photography for artistic communication, and the major themes used by photographers. Ethical issues concerning photographic imagery will be explored. Students will also explore digital cameras and scanners to create photographic compositions. Students will produce a portfolio containing both 35 mm and digital photographs reflecting a series of works organized around a compelling visual concept or concentration.

Grades: 11-12

Taught by:  Mietta Solliday and Courtney Bowling

Prerequisite: Successful completion of  iT Photography I with a “B” or better and/or recommendation from the Photography instructor. Student must provide a 35mm S.L.R. film camera (for schools with darkrooms) or a digital camera. A fee may be charged for consumable materials needed to complement provided materials.

*If a student has taken iT Photo I then Photo 2 is an elective and does not count as a core iT class.


Student Perspective: 

I really enjoyed taking this class. I got to further advance my picture taking skills and learn professional techniques to make my photography look like art.