Course Description:

Building on a foundation of programming skills, students will use object-oriented programming to develop applications for Windows, database, multimedia, games, mobile, and/or Web environments. Students will have the opportunity to explore and create applications related to the information technology and game design industries.

Taught by:

Prerequisite: Completed iT Programming
Learning targets:

  • Queues and Stacks
  • LinkedLists
  • Sorting
  • Canvas and Advanced HTML Features
  • Application Development
  • Delegates and Events
  • Database Basic Concept
  • Game Design
  • IIS, SOAP, Server-side State Management,
  • Objects and Classes

Student Perspective:

I enjoyed Advanced Programming because I learned HTML, the program for websites. My favorite memory was when the clock I made in HTML worked flawlessly. For student looking to take this class, I recommend that they manage their time well and try to learn the advanced features of HTML if they wish to pursue other classes in this field.