You are now a member of the Forest Park High School’s iT Program. In every strand within the program we offer both industry certifications exams as well as rigorous AP exams showcasing the programs ability to meet the growing 21st Century workforce needs.

The iT Program is a specialty school within our school.  The iT Administrator is the acting principal of the program. They oversees the program and have final decision on all matters pertaining to the students enrolled in the iT program. The iT Coordinator oversees the classroom instructional environment, the curriculum, and supports both the students and the teachers in creating the best pathway for success. Both the Coordinator and the Administrator oversee our partnerships which are essential to the success of the program.

Once students become members of the iT Program at Forest Park they become a part of different educational culture.  Our core beliefs are built around the principles of trust, respect, responsibility, and professionalism. Student’s agree to a minimum of a 2-year commitment to their application strand of choice.

iT Student’s responsibility:

    • All students enrolled in the iT program will be expected to adhere to the Prince William County Public Schools Code of Behavior, the Forest Park Computer Ethics Policy and the PWCS Acceptable use Policy. Any deviation from these policies will be grounds for immediate removal from the iT Program.
    • Must maintain at least a C or a 2.0 GPA (AP classes are not weighted in this formula) in all their core classes as well as their core iT class. (English, Math, Science and Social Studies)
      • Scheduling decisions for the following year are based on the semester grades. A student who does not meet the above requirements at the semester may not be scheduled for the following year and will lose priority in the scheduling process.
      • Students who do not meet the minimum grade requirements are subject to probation and removal from the program.  Once a student is put on probation they will stay on until their next semesters grades meet the iT programs standards.
  • Must take at least one ‘core’ iT classes each year until you graduate.
  • Must not have any ‘U’s in conduct in any of your classes.
  • Must successfully complete all prerequisites before enrolling in any iT class. (if change in strand it must be approved by the iT Leadership)
  • Students may request a strand change after their 2nd year only if they have maintained at least a 2.0 in their iT classes.
  • Students may not ‘switch’ strands because they are failing at anytime (below 2.0).
  • Due to seat limits and prerequisites, students that switch from their original area of study are subject to ‘secondary placement’ in their new strand. This placement determination will be made by the iT leadership team. The full body of academic work will be reviewed to ensure proper placement and ensure success for all our students.
  • It is the responsibility of the iT student who is struggling to seek help from their teachers and/or the iT Leadership.
  • To get involved in enrichment opportunities at school. (Robotics, SWAT…)

Students who do not adhere to these requirements at any time during their 4 years will be subject to probation and removal from the iT Program.  Once a student is placed on probation they will remain on probation until they improve their semester grades to meet the iT programs standards. If a student is removed from the iT program and is attending Forest Park High School as a transfer student, the student will be required to return to their base high school.

Recognition of Service:

    • Beginning in 2017-18 all iT students will maintain an online digital portfolio. Through the creation of our Vertical Articulation (VA) model each iT class will consist of a minimum of 10 standards or learning targets that students will be required to show mastery.  Through this model, we will be able to provide clear connections between courses of study while tracking these standards and providing students and teachers with a measurable tool to track the continuous success of the student throughout the iT Program.  These portfolios also provide students a professional portfolio that can be used to show colleges as well as prospective employers work performed at industry monitored standards.
    • All iT students must complete 40 hours (10 hours a year) of community service prior to the end of the 3rd quarter in their senior year in order to medal in the program.

      Emphasis should be placed on local community projects and school activities. Make sure that you offer evidence of the any community service preformed outside of the school. This evidence should be in the form a letter of recognition from the sponsors and/or a written reflection with sponsor contact details. Forms are due at the end of the 3rd quarter and will not be accepted after April 23rd of your senior year.

    • Silver Medal: Students will receive a SILVER medal if they complete four iT classes with an overall 2.0 GPA and no grade below a 2.0 (C) in any iT class. Students must be enrolled in at least one iT core class each year.
    • Gold Medal: Students will receive a GOLD medal if they complete six iT courses (or 5 iT core and one STEM AP course) with a 3.0 overall GPA with no grade below a 3.0 (B) in any iT class. Students must be enrolled in at least one core  iT class each year.
  • Note: Grades are not weighted in our GPA formula

iT Special Recognition Award:

Note: Seniors must initiate the request for the Special Recognition Award by the end of the 3rd quarter prior to graduation.**Students must first meet all the Gold Medal Standards and have achieved 3 of the following:

1. Students must hold at least 1 industry certification.
2. Students must have scored at least a 4 on any STEM AP Examination
3. Students must have multiple industry certifications from either core or elective iT Classes.
4. Student has competed over 100 hours of verified community service  (no more than 20 in any one activity)

This award given to iT students must have documented evidence in the student’s iT Portfolio.  See Dr. Chapman for more details.