iT Volunteer Community Service

All iT students must complete 40 hours (10 hours a year) of community service prior to the end of the 3rd quarter in their senior year in order to medal in the program. Students in the Class of 2022, 2023, and 2024 will only need to complete 30 hours prior to graduation. All service hours must be logged through X2VOL which is accessed through Naviance. Current service opportunities are also listed in X2VOL.


Please view the informational videos below to learn how to log your hours.

How do I sign into x2VOL through Naviance Student?

How to Log Hours:

How to join groups and goals: 

  • Note: Beginning with the Class of 2019 iT Volunteer hours will be logged into Naviance using our new system which is integrated with every students college career readiness program . Click on this link to go to Naviance 

Please note: It is our overall intention that our students understand, appreciate and value what they are learning in their iT classes with the real world experiences though community service.  We understand that there are many wonderful and meaningful volunteer opportunities which will absolutely count as long as it is not limited to only members of that organization which benefit that organization. We ask that these (non iT focused) hours are not the sole focus of the student service and that they value the connection between ‘Community Service and iT’.  Any volunteer work preformed outside of this emphasis should be shared with the iT Leadership before completed to make sure that it meets guidelines for acceptance.  Starting with the Class of 2019 you may not have more that 20 hours in any activity/concentration without iT Leadership approval. No more than 10 hours for any one event with out approval.  Please do not wait until your senior year to validate hours that do not meet these guidelines.

Any community service hours that are performed in association with the FPHS and are both documented and ‘Signed Off’ by a member of the iT staff or club/activities coordinator from FPHS will be honored.

Note: each individual activity must be documented etc.. each SWAT meeting, BTG or BWS event must be individually documented not all rolled into one entry.

Clarification on volunteer work:

These activates may only be counted if:

  1. Anyone is eligible to participate. If only the member of the organization is able to participate then the community service is part of that organization and not part of the iT community service commitment. (ex: Religious School teaching, Political candidate promotion…)
  2. All activities must be verified by the sponsor through X2VOL, confirming that the above is true.
    • Note: the one whom you have identified as the coordinator and has initialed off on your hours must have a valid phone contact, email. 
  3.  A reflection of the service must also accompany the documentation. This may include photos, a brief write up or any other personal or visual validation of the service preformed.

Any questions or concerns please see Dr. Chapman.