Independent Study is designed for those students who wish to pursue advanced study in their iT Specialty area of interest and have clearly demonstrated the ability to pursue an individualized course of study.  Student(s) must be on track to complete their iT programs requirements for graduation. The independent study must culminate in a public display or an occupational experience benefiting the community. You may be interested in studying this subject for your own personal enjoyment or to help prepare you for college classes or future jobs. Only those students who have demonstrated academic or skill proficiency, a strong motivation to learn, and self-reliance shall be approved.  Applicants shall be limited to students in 12th grade.  Independent Study need not be limited to participation by a single pupil, but may involve more than one or a group of pupils. The Independent Study should promote rigorous growth for the student and be directly related to one or more of the iT Specialty Core Content Areas.

  1. The student is to inform his/her school counselor that he/she would like to be considered as an Independent Study candidate.  The counselor will verify that the student qualifies for Independent Study by checking grades with teachers in the respective subject field. The student must have an overall 3.0 or better GPA or an Administrative override to apply.
  2. The student must recruit a teacher in the content area who is willing to advise and supervise his/her Independent Study. (Teachers who assume this responsibility do so in addition to all their normal teaching responsibilities). This is a voluntary option for teachers and they are in no way obligated to participate. The student and teacher/advisor will work jointly to develop a plan for the Independent Study.
  3. The school counselor and the teacher/advisor will meet with the applicant to discuss the application process and the procedures for the development of a project. A curriculum and course outline should be agreed upon. The applicant and teacher/advisor will develop work and evaluative schedules in which the student’s Independent Study will be monitored and evaluated from beginning to end. The coursework must relate to established standards of learning curriculum adopted by PWCS.
  4. The applicant must fill out the Independent Study application in consultation with the teacher/advisor. The application must be typed.  A copy of the plan, along with appropriate documentation, is to be given to the student’s school counselor after the application/proposal is complete with appropriate signatures.
  5. The student must obtain the approval of his/her parents/guardians, and the iT Administrator before submitting to the school counselor.  The school counselor will review the application to determine accuracy and that all information is complete before signing and submitting to the Director of School Counseling.  If the application is not complete and/or accurate, it will be returned to the student for revisions.
  6. The Director of School Counseling will share the completed application with the iT Administrator for approval.  Once this is done, the Director of School Counseling will forward the application to the iT Coordinator and then the Principal for final approval.   The student must receive written approval before starting an Independent Study.
  7. Approval of the Independent Study will be sent to the Director of Guidance who will advise the school counselor.  The school counselor will notify the student and the teacher/advisor.

Deadline Date for Final Submission:

      Completed application must be submitted to School Counselor on or before:   May  1ST

Special Notes:

  • Credit for Independent Study will be awarded as a regularly weighted class.
  • The Independent Study will count as part of the iT Programs Core class load.
  • The teacher/advisor and the student will collaborate to execute a plan to include assignments and deadline dates.
  • Teachers/advisors are required to submit progress reports and marking period grades (and exam grades if applicable) based on regular PWCS submission guidelines/timelines.
  • Independent study report card /transcript grades are NOT “weighted”. Independent Study programs will be listed as “Independent Study” on the student’s transcript.  The student will want to make sure to share what they did through this program on their college applications.
  • The student will be scheduled for Independent Study during a period when the teacher/advisor has a class and feels it would be best for the student to be scheduled.  The teacher/advisor will work with the school counselor and student to determine this.

Please complete Part 1 of the application and submit to your school counselor by May 1<. The entire application must be completed before submitting.

Part 1:

Student Name: ___________________________Teacher/Advisor: ______________________________

iT Strand: ___________________________

Please complete the following in detail:

  •  Subject of Study:  Please provide a detailed description of your proposed Independent Study and the rationale for wanting to pursue it.  Be sure to include the specific area of study. (use additional paper if necessary)


  •  Course objectives/goals:  Please describe what measurable performances, proficiency will be achieved and/or what products/projects will be accomplished.  Important:  All applicable Virginia Standards that align with these student performances must be included (work with your teacher/advisor to list standards).




  •  Method of Study:  Please describe specific activities and/or strategies to be implemented.


  •  Resources to be used to obtain information:  Document all resources to be used for the Independent Study.




  • Evaluation Component:  Describe how you and your advisor will determine if objectives were attained at the established standards.  Please state methods of evaluation that will be used. Note:  You must provide at least 9 grading target evaluations per quarter and timelines.
  • Community Connection:



1st 9 week Measurable Objectives:





2nd 9 week Measurable Objectives:





3rd 9 week Measurable Objectives:




4th 9 week Measurable Objectives:




Final Presentation and Evaluation: (Please include in your final evaluation an assessment piece that will be completed by someone other than your teacher/advisor.)







Part 2:

Return Part 2 of the application with Part 1. The application must be signed in the order listed below.  Your school counselor will review the application for accuracy and detail before signing.  If more work needs to be done it will be returned to the student. It is highly recommended that student leave time for possible revisions in order to meet the May 1st deadline.




Student: _______________________________________                            Date: _______________


Parent: ________________________________________                           Date: _______________


Teacher/Advisor:  ________________________________                         Date: _______________


iT Administration:___________________________________                    Date: _______________


School Counselor: ________________________________                          Date: _______________


Independent Study has been approved:


Director of School Counseling: _________________________                   Date: _______________


Principal: __________________________________________                   Date: _______________