Masters Degree in Computer Security, Masters Degree in International Commerce and Policy, and a Bachelors of Business Administration/Marketing. Her experience over the past 25+ years has been wide-spread and varied through many different types of businesses from architectural/engineering firms to computer-based companies – doing everything from being an Administrative Assistant working her way up to the position of Marketing Director. This variety of experience and knowledge gives Ms. Bohuslov a unique perspective along with a broader understanding of what makes or breaks a business. Approximately 11 years ago, she did a career switch to become a teacher. She holds a tri-certification in Business, Marketing and CIS. She has taught Business Management, Business Law, Accounting/Advanced Accounting, Programming/Adv. Programming, Web Design/Adv. Web Design, Information Technology Fundamentals and many other classes at both the High School and College levels. Ms. Bohuslov enjoys riding her Harley, Computer Gaming, movies/reading and spending time with her husband.

Classes taught in iT Program:

IT Programming DE
Advanced Programming
IT WebTech DE
IT Advanced WebTech DE

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