Course Description:

This course familiarizes students with the equipment applications and protocols installed in enterprise networks, with a focus on switched networks, IP Telephone requirements, and security. It also introduces advanced routing protocols such as Enhance Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol. Hands-on exercises, including configuration, installation, and troubleshooting, reinforce student learning.

This course introduces students to network design processes using two examples: a large stadium enterprise network and a medium-sized film company network. Students follow a standard design process to expand and upgrade each network, which includes requirements gathering, proof-of- concept, and project management.  Lifecycle services, including upgrades, competitive analyses, and system integration, are presented in the context of pre-sale support. In addition to the Packet Tracer and lab exercises found in the previous courses, there are many pen-and-paper and role-playing exercises that students complete while developing their network upgrade proposals.

Taught by: William Bimber

Prerequisite: Computer Networking Hardware Operations 1&2 with an A or B and CCNT certification testing validation

Learning Targets: 

  1. LAN Design
  2. STP
  3. Dynamic Routing
  4. EIGRP
  5. OSPF
  6. Network Design
  7. Wiring
  8. Router RIP
  9. Network Modeling
  10. Final Networking Project

Student Perspective: 

Students learn more in depth coding of network devices and connection types. They learn how to make more complex networks. They have a chance to get a more advanced certification through this course.