All students entering the Networking strand should be pursuing industry certifications associated with each course.   Student advancement in the Networking strand will be based on successful completion of course certifications and current portfolio status. *Classes can be iT core classes if approved by iT Coordinator (11th & 12th)

Core Classes and their associated certification requirements:

iT Fundamentals   (IC3 Cert.) 

Design Multimedia/Web Technologies  * (CTE Cert.)

Cyber Systems Technology  (CompTia A+ Hardware Cert.)

Advanced Design Multimedia /Web Technologies * (CTE Cert.)

Advanced Cyber Systems Technology  (CompTia A+ OS and Network Security Certs.

Computer Networking Hardware Operations 1&2 (Cisco CNET)

Computer Networking Hardware Operations 3&4 (Cisco CCNA)

iT Programming (11th & 12th)*


SWAT & VA Star

Zero Robotics

Vex Robotics

Cyber Patriot