Course Description:

Multimedia prepares students for the challenging world of information design, multimedia development, Web-based development and learning management. The processes and tools that address these aims will be explored. Computer based multimedia combines all the facets of communication into an interactive product. The ethical issues of copyright laws and fair use issues will be emphasized.

Grades: 11-12

Taught by: Courtney Bowling

Prerequisite: Computer Graphics I, with a “B” average, and/or teacher recommendation

Classes After: iT Multimedia Software II

  1. ActionScript
  2. Adobe Certification Exam
  3. Advanced Animation
  4. Advanced Tools
  5. Basic Animation
  6. Drawing Tools
  7. Movie Clips
  8. Navigation Controls
  9. Sound
  10. Symbols and the Library


Student Perspective:

In this class you get to learn a lot about Adobe Flash and work to get my Adobe certified with that application. The final projects have been fun because you get to create videos with lyrics and learn how to make animations.