Course Description:

The study of black and white photography as an art medium is introduced. Light, design, lens, camera, film, and darkroom techniques are explored. The history of photography and related career opportunities provide a broad overview of the continually growing technical and artistic field of photography. Student self-expression as a means of creative communication is emphasized throughout the course. A student portfolio is maintained for assessment and exhibition.

Grade: 10-12

Taught by: Mietta Solliday and Courtney Bowling

Prerequisite: Successful completion of iT Graphic Design with “B” or better and teacher recommendation. Student must provide a 35mm S.L.R. film camera (for schools with darkrooms) or a digital camera. A fee may be charged for consumable materials needed to complement provided materials.

Classes after: iT Photography II

Learning Targets:

  1. Focusing
  2. Shooting Modes and the Right Exposure
  3. Using Depth of Field
  4. Macro-photography
  5. Lines
  6. Rule of Thirds
  7. Shape
  8. Motion Photography
  9. Using Natural Light/Working in Low Light
  10. Final Project


Student Perspective:  

This class was a great way to learn about how a camera functions and learn more about images that are visually appealing. We also used the principles of art in all of our photographs to make them stand out.