Course Description:

IT Graphic Design is designed to train students to become visual communicators. Students will apply the knowledge and understanding of the elements and principles of art through media, techniques, and processes to solve problems in visual communications. A variety of 2-D and 3-D media will be used. Students will explore technical aspects of layout, typography, illustration, design, and color psychology using traditional graphic tools and electronic media. Students will learn about the ethical issues in the commercial field, management of time to meet deadlines, working in a team, and expressing and defending their ideas. Also, students will study the history and cultural impact of visual communications. Works generated will be the basis for beginning a Graphics Art Portfolio.

Grade: 9

Taught by: Veronica Baez, Joy Kazanci, and Brittany Makuta

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the IT Program

Classes After: IT Computer Graphic I 

Learning Targets:

  • Color Theory
  • Logo Design
  • CD_DVD or Video Cover Design
  • Typography
  • Product and Packaging Design
  • Storyboards
  • Sequential Art
  • Poster Design
  • Drawing Basics
  • Project Management and Collaboration

Student Perspective: 

I went into graphic design blind. I was not sure exactly what I would be doing. When I went into IT I finally understood what graphic design meant and it made me realize that I wanted to continue to do it even after high school. It really made me feel confident about my perspective as a designer and my skills. The IT graphic design program made me realize something I was good at that I didn’t know.