Course Description:

IT Computer Graphics II is a continuation of IT Computer Graphics I. The course of study will include applications for image creation and manipulation. The emphasis will be on the study of aesthetics and on the production of original computer imagery. This course will enable modeling for print reproduction rather than web production. Students will work on individual as well as team projects. Students will be required to produce professional portfolios.

Grades: 11-12

Taught by: Mike Pullum

Prerequisite: Successful completion of IT Computer Graphics I with a “B” or better, and teacher recommendation

Classes After: Multimedia I or iT Photography

  1. Students will expand their usage of the sketchbook by using preliminary sketches, finished drawings, critical writings, notes and assessments.
  2. Students will create and use vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator and transfer those files, when required, back to Adobe photoshop for continued development.
  3. Students will develop a more advanced understanding of Adobe Photoshop software.
  4. Students will learn to select and prepare artwork for exhibition and display.
  5. Students will be able to identify and create digital art using both RGB and CMYK color modes for display and for printing.
  6. Students will be able to work and create digital artwork in a Graphic Design Team environment.
  7. Students will import images from a variety of sources to combine into a single work
  8. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to prepare and manipulate images using smart filters and adjustment layers.
  9. Students will use color theory and psychology of color to communicate ideas in print and electronic media.
  10. Students will prepare for and pass the Adobe Certification Exams.

Student Perspective:  

This class was a perfect continuation that built off of IT Computer Graphics 1. I learned a lot of advanced techniques in Photoshop and was able to get my Adobe certification for the program which will help my job resume look good. I also learned some cool new techniques in Adobe Illustrator.