Course Description:

This course prepares students for upper-level computer graphics and multimedia as well as entry-level career opportunities in the computer graphics industry. The course of study includes learning the foundations of computer graphics, photo design, and production as well as taking images from concept to completion in print and on the web. Tools such as digital cameras and scanners are used to import art and graphics into electronic formats. The students’ artistic abilities will be enhanced as they master Adobe’s Photoshop software to complete the design and production process.

Grades: 10-12

Taught by: Mike Pullum

Prerequisite: Successful completion of IT Graphic Design with a “B” or better and a background in computer applications is recommended, and teacher recommendation

Classes After: IT Multimedia I and IT Computer Graphics II

  1. Students will apply knowledge of color theory when designing graphics.
  2. Students will understand different file types.
  3. Students will use basic file management.
  4. Students will understand how file size affects print and image quality.
  5. Students will use the elements and principles of art when completing projects.
  6. Students will use Adobe Photoshop tools to create digital art.
  7. Students will begin using the pen tool to create vector art.
  8. Students will use a sketchbook for ideas, brainstorming and image collection.
  9. Students will learn about Copyright and ethical issues in graphic design
  10. Students will use self-assessment tools to critique personal art media.

Student Perspective:  

Going into this class, I knew nothing about Adobe Photoshop. Through a lot of fun projects I learned my way around the basic tools and was  able to produce a lot of cool logos and photo manipulations.