Course Description:

The course will emphasize individual investigation and discovery while remaining open to collaborative projects that may cross disciplines within the department. Deadlines are mandatory just as in the professional world. Student process and progress will be documented and presented within each problem. Combining conceptual thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking, strong technical and communication skills, as well as imagination is crucial in developing a personal vision for your work. Experimentation is strongly encouraged, as is strong technique, craft and attention to detail. All students are required to maintain a separate personal sketchbook outside of projects. In this sketchbook you will fill one page per day. Students will be using the color mediums and techniques learned in intermediate classes to create their work. This course will further explore more unique, personal and conceptual approaches. Students will have the opportunity to experiment within each project. A responsible student will become familiar with traditional and digital mediums, the means of creating and delivering art, the history of illustration and design, and the expectations of working as an artist in the field. The course will also prepare students for AP Studio Art.

Grades: 10-12

Taught by:  Mietta Solliday

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art I and II with a “B” or better average or Art I with an “A” average and/or approval of the instructor. The Art Portfolio Preparation studio is intended for students committed to serious study in art. The studio will focus on the student’s individual artistic talents. The portfolio, compiled by the student, will demonstrate a variety of experiences in the formal, technical, and expressive means. This course is highly recommended for juniors considering AP Art their senior year.