Course Description:

In this portfolio drawing is interpreted broadly and can include, but is not limited to, traditional drawing and drawing media, painting, printmaking, and mixed media. The artwork should demonstrate mastery in drawing ability in terms of using mark making to show texture, form, value, depth/form, space, contour, and a variety of line qualities. The portfolio should demonstrate excellence and understanding of different types of compositions and fundamentals of design. The students will be strongly encouraged to explore a variety of ground pieces including but not limited to drawing from life observation, figure drawing, self-portraits, still-life, landscape, abstract work, expressive work, collage, and mixed media. (C5) All the mark making should be in a creative expression form to show the individual students voice. In the process of creating art exploration and assertive mark making will be explored. The final product should be of high quality that demonstrates mastery, but the artistic process will also be of great learning value. Marks can be made with any media of choice; exploration and experimentation are strongly encouraged!

Grades: 10-12

Taught by: Veronica Baez

Prerequisite: Completion of Art I and II with a “B” or better and teacher recommendation. Recommend completion of Portfolio Prep prior to AP Art.  The Advanced Placement studio studies are intended for the highly motivated students committed to serious study in art. Students should have completed Art I and II and have an art teacher recommendation for this course. This portfolio is intended to address a very broad interpretation of drawing issues and media. The AP Drawing portfolio is comprised of 3 sections: Quality (5 actual works of art), Concentration (12 slides which reflect a series of art around a visual concept in drawing) and Breadth (12 slides that demonstrate a variety of concepts, media, and approaches). Actual works of art and slides are submitted for AP Examination review.

Student Perspective:  

This course was like most AP courses was challenging. Each day was a new learning experience and opportunity to do something you’ve never done or have tried to do but haven’t figured out. Although a lot of the course is self-driven by the student (it is the students job to make assignments of their own as part of their concentration for their portfolio), it does give students the chance to be their own version of themselves and show it through their art style.