Course Description:

This course is designed for students seeking the rigor of a college level art course while still within the high school setting, completing the AP Art Studio exam. The AP Studio Art course will enable students to investigate, develop and produce an art portfolio for submission to the College Board. The portfolio experience will have three major areas of study that will be developed and investigated; Breadth, Concentration, and Quality based on the National Standards of visual arts. The body of art submitted for the portfolio and include are created prior to an outside of the AP studio art course. This course runs for two semesters and due to scheduling restrictions, AP Studio Art students are placed within the advance Drawing and Painting class.

Grades: 10-12

Taught by:  Veronica Baez

Prerequisite: The Advanced Placement studio studies are intended for the highly motivated students committed to serious study in art. Students should have completed Art I and II or have an art teacher recommendation for this course. This portfolio is intended to address a very broad interpretation of two dimensional (2-D) design issues. This type of design involves purposeful decision-making about how the use of the elements and principles of art work in an integral way. This portfolio is comprised of 3 sections: Quality (5 actual works of art), Concentration (12 slides which reflect a series of art around a visual concept in 2-D Design) and Breadth (12 slides that demonstrate a wide variety of concepts, media and approaches.) Actual works of art and slides are submitted for AP Examination review.

Student Perspective: 

From watching a friend in the class, I had an idea on what it would be like. Although I had pictured what the class would be like, I was very wrong. It was challenging at first but once I got the work flow of it, it got a lot easier. I learned lots of new techniques and skills that I could now apply to my artwork to submit to my portfolio.