Course Description:

iT Programming introduces students to Systems Design, programming for the Web Applications, and programming hardware. Emphasis is placed on the programming process starting from system design to program completion. Current software and programming languages are taught.

Taught by: Alan Friebe

Prerequisite: iT Fundamentals (w/C or better) or Advance Computer Math (w/C or better)

Learning Targets:

    • Systems Design
    • Programming for Web Applications
    • Programming hardware
    • Languages: C++, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML
    • Input/Output
    • Variables
    • Strings
    • Conditionals
    • Loops and Arrays
    • Classes/Inheritance/Polymorphism

Student Perspective:

During this class I learned how to be independent. The beginning of the class is focused on the software development and what goes beyond the programming aspect of HTML. In order to get a high grade in IT Programming you need to stay organized and know the due dates of the assignments. Although the class might be challenging, it can be entertaining.