Course Description:

Information Technology Fundamentals introduces the essential skills needed for students to pursue specialized programs leading to technical and professional careers and certifications in the IT Industry. Students have an opportunity to investigate career opportunities in four major IT areas: Information Services and Support, Network Systems, Programming and Software Development, and Interactive Media. Students explore ethical issues related to computers and Internet technology and develop teamwork and communication skills that will enhance employ ability.

Taught by: Daniel Longo and William Bimber

Prerequisite: Enrolled in IT Program currently taking Algebra 1 or MS Algebra 1 with B or C in the class

This class serves as the gateway to both our Computer Science and Networking strands.  Since it covers a broad base of topics it allows students the opportunity to explore a wide range of iT professions.  The classes that follow will look at the student’s HS Math and Science grades to project the best track forward.

Classes after: Cyber Tech Systems 1 (Networking w/A or B), Advanced Computer Math (Computer Science w/A or B), Design Multimedia/WebTec (C or better)

Learning targets:

  • Mastering information technology basics
  • Using Computer Applications
  • Investigating Computer Fundamentals
  • Exploring Network Fundamentals
  • Maintaining, Upgrading, and Troubleshooting Computers
  • Exploring Internet Fundamentals
  • Exploring Programing Basics
  • Exploring the Basics of Web Page Design
  • Exploring Graphics and Interactive Media
  • Take the IC3 Industry Certification

Student Perspective:

The iT Fundamentals class is where students learn the basic hardware pieces of a computer and learn how to shop for and design computer parts.