Course Description:

Students develop proficiency in designing and creating desktop-published projects, multimedia presentation/projects, and Web sites, using industry-standard application software. Students apply principles of desktop-published, multimedia, and Web-site projects produced in the course.

Taught by: Shemica Gamble

Prerequisite: iT students should have a C or better in iT Fundamentals or Advanced Computer Math

This class is ideal for any iT student as it offers certification skills in Adobe presentation tools and Microsoft Office business software.

Classes after: Advanced Design Multimedia /Web Technologies 

Learning targets:

  • Demonstrate Knowledge of Hardware, Software and Operating Systems
  • Apply effective Typography & Multimedia Design
  • Apply Systems Approach process and Project Management Skills
  • Design and Create Projects
  • Design and Create Multimedia Presentations/Projects
  • Design and Create Websites
  • Acquire Industry Certifications
  • ACA -Adobe Certified Associates (InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC)
  • MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist (PowerPoint)
  • Develop a Professional Portfolio

Student Perspective:

I enjoyed taking this class because I was able to apply the things I learned to real world applications. I was certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist and am looking forward to taking the Advanced version of this class. My advice to future students is to complete all the work assigned and when practicing for the certification, take it seriously because those skills can help in future occupations.