Course Description:

Students will engage in Web Site Development Process using HTML, XHTML, Dynamic HTML, XML, Server-side technologies, Java applets, tables, frames, metadata and Cascading Style Sheets. Industry certification competencies will be used for the course.

Taught by: Alan Friebe

Prerequisite: Completed iT WebTech

Classes after: iT Programming

Learning target:

  • Getting started with HTML and CSS
  • Formatting text
  • Creating hypertext links
  • Using colors and graphics
  • Using tables
  • Creating user-friendly navigation
  • Working with HTML
  • Working with Cascading Style Sheets
  • Designing HTML and CSS for multiple devices
  • Incorporating audio and video elements

Student Perspective:

I enjoyed taking this class and I learned a lot about HTML. I was able to understand the concepts behind HTML and the java language. If you are considering taking this class I would recommend having a strong base of networking, HTML, and organizational skills. It is a college course and requires dedication.