Course Description:

Students develop proficiency in designing and creating desktop-published projects, multimedia presentations/projects, and Web sites, using industry-standard application software. Students apply principles of layout and design in completing projects. Students create portfolios that include a résumé and a variety of desktop-published, multimedia, and Web-site projects produced in the course.

Taught by: Shemica Gamble

Prerequisite: Design Multimedia/Web Technologies

Learning targets:

  • Demonstrate Project-Management Skills
  • Design and Create Advanced Graphic Design projects
  • Design and Create Advanced Interactive Multimedia projects
  • Examine Internet Technologies
  • Design and Create Advanced Websites
  • Acquire Industry Certifications
    • ACA -Adobe Certified Associates (InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC)
    • MTA – Microsoft Technology Associates (HTML & CSS)
  • Maintain Professional Portfolio

Student Perspective:

If you enjoyed taking Design Multimedia then you will enjoy this class. You will learn advanced programs in Adobe InDesign and receive certification validating your work in this class.