Course Description:

Advanced Computer Mathematics has a focus to provide the student with a conceptual background in computer science. Topics include computer architecture, data representation, operating systems, computing systems in society, and software development. Students will implement the major stages of software development using a high level language.  Topics will include loops, selections, and arrays. This advanced course covers all topics in the regular Computer Mathematics class as well as others. In some schools this course is the first year of a three-year curriculum in Computer Science.

Taught by: Stewart Payne  & Rachel Peitler

Prerequisite: Acceptance into iT Program with an A in Algebra 1 or successful completion of pre-test or has successfully completed iT Fundamentals with A/B

*Note: Algebra and Geometry will be weighted into acceptance.

Classes after: AP Computer Science A (w/A or B), AP Computer Science Principles  (w/C or better) or iT Programming  (w/C or better 11& 12)

Learning targets:

    • Computer Hardware Basics
  • Learn basic variables
  • Learn base systems
  • Conditionals
  • Truth Tables
  • Loops
  • Objects and classes
  • Arrays
  • Array lists
  • Sorting and Searching

Student Perspective:

I knew very little about programming before I enrolled in the iT Program at Forest Park. This class is perfect for learning the basics of programming. My favorite unit was learning about loops and moving objects. I was able to continuously move objects with only one line of coding.