Students may request a transfer within the iT specialty program.  This request requires review by the Specialty Program’s coordinators and the school’s administration. Students must be in ‘good standing’ (maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 with no U’s in conduct and maintain a 2.0 with NO U’s in conduct or effort in their core and iT classes) to initiate a transfer request and seats must be available to accommodate the transfer. All Transfers must be initiated prior to the end of the 3rd quarter.  NO transfers will be made during the school year. The iT Specialty program is a highly competitive academic program.  Students apply to the program choosing one of the 3 strands offered within our curriculum.  Once a student is accepted to the program they are required to stay in ‘good standing’ (Note: student effort is included in the transfer request for our evaluation team to evaluate the student’s overall intent on attaining success within the program)

In order to be considered for a transfer between iT strands students must:

  1. Be a student in good standing
  2. Must have completed the current academic year and passing all of their core classes
  3. Must commit to completing 2 years in succession within an iT strand
  4. Understand that they will have placed in the entry level class for the the ‘new’ strand requested in order to meet the prerequisites.

Grade Level: ______

Current iT Strand:               Media                          Networking                 Computer Sciences

Current Class Grade: _______       Current iT core class:_____________________________

Track Change Requested: _______________________________________

Student:                     ____________________________________________________________

Parent (Optional):    ____________________________________________________________

To be completed by School:

Current Seats on grade level in strand offered classes:  _____________     Seats: __________

o Can accommodate                o Unable to accommodate

Wait list # _________________

Approve __                                   Disapprove __

Administrator Signature:  ______________________________________________________