iT Scheduling 2018-19

Please check the iT website for course information and proper sequencing for class scheduling.

  • iT Students who are currently in jeopardy of failing any core or their iT class (D or F) are considered to be on probation and will not be assigned an iT class until they are deemed passing their current classes.
  • iT Students must take at least one Core class per year
    • All requested classes must meet prerequisites.
  • PLTW classes may be taken as electives (see PLTW on the website)
    • Once an iT student takes an elective PLTW class with an A/B they may request from the iT Coordinator iT credit for any additional classes taken through PLTW if they can show evidence of connection to their iT focus.
  • Only students in the iT Multimedia strand can take iT Photography as an iT elective.
  • Strand change requests must be made in accordance to the ‘Strand Change Request’ document.