Here are some of the most asked questions about our iT Program

NOTE: FPHS’s iT staff would like to inform parents and students that our iT program is highly competitive and we strongly recommend that students select our iT program as their first choice to ensure they get into that program. Also all transfer students as well as all FPHS students will be offered the option to take PLTW classes as elective courses if space is available.

Q: How many elective classes can I take as a 9th grader?

 – The number of elective classes a 9th grade student has room for in his/her schedule is technically two (beyond the four core areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and the required Health/PE I).

An example of a 9th grade iT student schedule is:

English 9

Pre-AP Geometry

Pre-AP Biology

World History I

Spanish II

Health/PE I

Computer Math

An example of a 9th grade iT and Music student schedule is:

Pre-AP English 9

Algebra I

Pre-AP Biology

World History I

iT Graphic Design

Health/PE I

9th Grade Band

Q: What is an Advanced Diploma?

– An Advanced Diploma requires 26 credits and 9 verified credits. The specific details of the requirements can be found by clicking the link below.

Q: If I am applying to the iT program as a 9th grader and I also want to be a part of the band/chorus.  What are my options so I can be part of the program?

– If you choose, you can take Band/Chorus as one of your electives, along with your iT class and your Health/PE I class.

Q: What if I apply to one iT strand in the program but don’t like it, can I change?

– During your application you selected one of the 3 iT strands.  Forest Park’s iT staffing and course selection is based on the first two years in each strand (foundation courses).  Students may not apply for a transfer between strands until they have successfully completed their first two years in the program.  After your second year you may request a transfer or select from additional electives offered throughout the program.

Q: What if I want to get an Advanced Diploma as well be in the Band or Chorus, what will I have to do to be in the iT program as 9th grader?

– If you are taking a Foreign Language (to meet the Advanced Diploma Foreign Language requirement), Health/PE I, and an iT class, you will not have an open space in your schedule to take Band/Chorus.

In order to create space in a 9th grade schedule for Band/Chorus, many rising 9th graders choose to take Health/PE I during the summer (either through the traditional program or through Virtual High School). This can be done either during the summer before 9th grade or the summer before 10th grade. Virtual High School courses can also be taken during the school year. There is a fall semester course and a spring semester course. Students can complete the course during one semester virtually. All of these options require payment from the parent/guardian.

Information regarding Virtual High School can be found by clicking the link below:

Information regarding Summer School can be found by clicking the link below: