Taught by: William Bimber

Classes after: Networking I&II

Course description: This advanced course provides students with training in procedures for optimizing and troubleshooting concepts for computer systems, subsystems, and networks. Students explore the following:

  • Basic network design and connectivity
  • Network documentation
  • Network limitations and weaknesses
  • Network security, standards and protocols

Students will gain a basic understanding of emerging technologies including unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization technologies. The course prepares students for post-secondary education and training and a successful career in information technology. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be taking the CompTIA’s A+ OS and Network+ certification exams.

Prerequisite: Cyber System Technology

Learning targets:

  1. Networking fundamentals 
  2. Install and use of copper cabling
  3. Install and use of Fiber Optics 
  4. Wireless technology 
  5. Data encoding and transmission
  6. Network operating systems and Network communications
  7. Microsoft networking operating systems 
  8. Unix/Linux operating systems 
  9. Introductions to servers TCP/IP fundamentals, Subnetting,  Multimedia transmission 
  10. Web services and Services, Remote access, Network security 
  11. OSI model 
  12. Maintaining the network, troubleshooting the network, design and installation of a new network
  13. Take the Software portion of the A+ and Networking CompTIA certification exams.