Goals and Rationale for the Program

In this new information age, millennial students must have the ability to gather and distribute information through electronic communication. One of the goals of the iT program is to graduate students who are comfortable with and proficient in using information technology in all forms so they can interact with individuals, organizations and agencies in our technological economy.

We at Forest Park High School believe that:

  1. Students should learn to research, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information using innovative and efficient formats.
  2. ​​​Partnerships with businesses and universities are mutually beneficial and provide students with real world technology and experience.
  3. ​ Professional development for educators is imperative if technology is to be effectively used in the teaching and learning process.
  4. Technology will help students become active, independent, life-long learners.
  5. Technology enhances education by helping students to solve problems, develop critical thinking skills, communicate their ideas, and work collaboratively on multidisciplinary projects.
  6.  Students should learn to work ethically, independently and collaboratively.

iT Program Requirements and Expectations

  • It is recommended that students apply in the 8th grade so they have four years to complete courses of study and have room in their schedules for AP classes. Students must have a 2.4 GPA (C+) and no U’s in conduct to apply to the iT Program. It is suggested that students applying to the Computer Science strand have successfully completed Algebra 1. Students must be enrolled in at least one core iT class each year to remain in the program. Students must complete 2 years in the strand in which they applied to the program. All iT Students must maintain at least a C or a 2.0 GPA (AP classes are not weighted in this formula) in all their core classes (English, Math, Science and Social Studies) as well as their core iT class with NO U’s in conduct in any class at any time for each year. Any student who does meet the above requirements at the semester will not be scheduled for an iT class, the following year. At any time during the school year if a student’s iT core or other core classes drop below the required C they will be considered on probation.  If the student fails to bring their grade(s) up they will receive a ‘Probationary Letter’. Base school students who fail to bring up their grades will not be allowed to signup for iT classes.
  • It is strongly encouraged that iT students enroll in at least three AP courses during their high school career.
  • All iT students are expected to complete 40 verified community service hours during their years at Forest Park. These hours can be completed in school and/or out of school.
  • Students must successfully complete all prerequisites before enrolling in any iT class.
  • All students enrolled in the iT program will be expected to adhere to the Prince William County Schools Code of Behavior and the Forest Park Computer Ethics Policy. Any deviation from these policies will be grounds for removal from the iT Program.