Goals and Rationale for the Program

In this new information age, students must have the ability to gather and distribute information through electronic communication. One of the goals of the iT program is to graduate students who are comfortable with and proficient in using information technology in all forms so they can interact with individuals, organizations and agencies in our technological economy.

We at Forest Park High School believe that:

  1. Students should learn to research, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information using innovative and efficient formats.
  2. ​ Professional development for educators is imperative if technology is to be effectively used in the teaching and learning process.
  3. Technology will help students become active, independent, life-long learners.
  4. Technology enhances education by helping students to solve problems, develop critical thinking skills, communicate their ideas, and work collaboratively on multidisciplinary projects.
  5.  Students should learn to work ethically, independently and collaboratively.

iT Program Structure (3 Strands)

The iT Program at Forest Park High School is divided into three separate Strands.  Perspective students apply to one of the three strands when applying for the iT Program.  These Strands are:

  1. Computer Science (Programming) – students in this strand develop their skills as programmers and learn how to solve real-world problems using code.  This strand relies extensively on students mathematical and logical skills.
  2. Networking – students in this strand learn how to plan, develop and build computer networks with an emphasis on cyber security.
  3. Interactive Media- students in this strand learn how to transfer their artistic mindset and skills to a digital format.

Project Lead the Way

In addition to the three strands, the iT Program at Forest Park High School provides students the opportunity to take elective courses in Project Lead the Way Program (PLTW).

PLTW  is a national engineering curriculum developed by industry leaders in cooperation with educational professionals.  PLTW provides students the opportunity to think and act like an engineer, using math, science and the engineering thought process to create engineering solutions to real-world problems.

PLTW is NOT a separate strand in the iT Program, but rather an elective option within the iT Program.  

iT Program Requirements and Expectations

Upon enrollment in the iT Program, students are expected to meet the following requirements to remain in good standing within the iT Program

  • Enroll in at least one core iT course within your strand (i.e. Computer Science, Networking or Interactive Media).  Project Lead the Way is considered an elective course and not a “core” class.
  • Remain in the strand in which you applied for your first two years in the iT Program
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 (“C”)
  • Earn at least a “C” in your iT courses
  • No “Us” in Conduct at anytime
  • No discipline referrals for student conduct (Infractions of the Code of Behavior may result in immediate termination of your placement in the iT Program and immediate return to base school)
  • Maintain academic integrity at all times by not providing nor receiving unauthorized assistance on assignments and assessments
  • Agree to abide by all rules and procedures including those applying to Attendance and School Tardies (It is the responsibility of all transfer students to attend school on-time)